What are they and how can hypnotherapy help?

We all enjoy being fit and healthy, living a happy and full life with confidence and energy. This is within our power despite the daily pressures on us all. Weight control is all about how much energy (food) we need for the amount of energy (activity) we use. Most of us know what are good foods, what we should eat rather than what we do eat.

Over Eating

Loss of control of your weight can be down to a number of reasons. Stresses increase our anxiety levels and the resultant secretion of stress chemicals (fight or flight) tells the body that high energy foods are needed. Very often this stress can be created by something as simple as driving, watching the news or hearing children bickering. The resultant production of stress chemical is a demand for high energy food to prepare us for flight or flight, which we then eat even though the body does not require it or subsequently use.

This can then become a habit. Once you start a routine of eating a snack before bed time, a chocolate after lunch, we tend to continue habits, they become well-worn paths, easy to follow. Busy lifestyles put pressure on our free time and our energy levels start to go down as our weight goes out of control and we get more despondent about how we look.
Using hypnosis to reduce anxieties and improve confidence, you will reduce the production of stress chemicals and the demand for high energy food. Bad habits can be changed quickly and easily, new paths created restoring a good balance in life and increasing healthy activity and improving your general health.

My practice does not support the use of hypnotherapy as a gastric band, but rather to change habits that are no longer of any use to you and so promote a permanent healthy lifestyle.

Anorexia and Bulimia

Providing the correct levels of food (energy) to activity (output) is important for an individual’s ability to get through the day.
Some people may have self-esteem issues, other may be depressed or just find this a method of being in control over their lives by controlling their food.

By dealing with these issues, hypnotherapy can help in giving back perspective, control and confidence. Reducing stress levels and increasing happy chemicals the body will be able to re-establish the right balance.

Healthy eating promotes the production of serotonin which is often termed “the happiness hormone”, this promotes our feelings of well-being and gives us self-confidence, motivation and energy.

My method is to help you change your lifestyle to the way you want to be, for the better, permanently. Like yourself and treat yourself with the respect you deserve, get healthy from today.

Healthy Living 2

Ready to be happy and cope with life?