What can hypnotherapy help with?

Anger: Loss of control of emotions when under pressure.  Getting angry too often and for too long.  Destroying relationships and trust.

Anxiety: Stress, anger, poor health, pain control, broken sleep, not coping, exhaustion, PTSD.

Childbirth: Improved pain control and relaxation can help make the experience a better memory.

Confidence and Self Esteem: Helping you to feel safe and secure in situations so you can be relaxed and focused  

Corporate Employee Support and Development: Providing support to employees.  This reduces staff turnover and high sick leave absence as well as compliance with an organisation’s legal obligations and insurance risks. Reduce conflict at work, stress and anxiety to create a stimulating work environment. Relax staff and improve happiness at work to motivate excellence and increase productivity.

Depression: Lack of motivation, sleeping disorders, low self esteem, lack of energy, lack of interest, problems concentrating, substance abuse, weight issues.

Enhancing Performance: Professional and amateurs striving to attain better results.  This can be in sport, exams, acting, singing or playing in a concert.

IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome: When our lives become restricted by the fear and pain of not being near a toilet and stopping us from enjoying the freedom to go where we want and when.

Insomnia and Sleep Disorders: Lack of good quality sleep affects our daily lives, reduces our tolerance and focus.  It is linked with Dementia in later life.