If you are reading this, you already want to give up, or are trying to convince someone else to give up. If it is you, think about having fresh smelling breath and clothes, looking forward to days free from the chains and burdens of needing to be able to feed the bad habit. You are probably not even aware of how much others do smell your smoking habit when you walk in a room. But that is not the reason, just a benefit.

A multi-billion-pound industry has grown on the misinformation surrounding smoking, addiction, health issues, problems surrounding it and giving up. Are you the one still promoting the wealth of the shareholders? Give up.

We all have different reasons for wanting to stop: to make those you love happy, to save money, personal health or even peer pressure. Make sure your reasons are clear, that they will motivate you, and that you are not stopping simply because someone has pressured you, it has to be your choice.

Ultimately the decision is yours and once you have decided, with the aid of hypnotherapy, you can give up immediately and forever. No need to continue supporting the commercial industry profits by using “less harmful” alternatives. It is really just another scam to part you from your hard-earned money.

Your brain has amazing abilities, whether you use them or not. By using trance to unlock your own self-control and positive thoughts, you will be in control and feel really pleased and happy to give up smoking, enjoying the benefits from day one.

The most amazing thing about being healthy (not smoking) is your body’s ability to produce serotonin, the “happy hormone”. This reduces stress and anxiety, improves self-confidence, motivation and energy levels. Can you afford to live your life in second gear? Do it for yourself today.