Obsessions are normal way the brain is structured to help us cope and protect ourselves. When you are in control they help us achieve, sometimes great things. In order to become excellent at sport, work or hobbies one needs to be motivated and driven (controlled obsession)

When out of control obsession destroys the quality of your life and result control.

Hypnosis can help you put an end to self-obsession by expanding your perspective on life and help you to find your real place in the world.

Have you been pulled up by someone for being ‘only interested in yourself or are you worried you may have become too inwardly focused and lost your connection to other people?

It is natural to pay more attention to what will help you survive, what will help you get on, what will bring you satisfaction, what will present you with a problem, what’s of interest to you, than to what’s happening with anybody else. Self-obsession is a natural behavior – at first.

If you look at very small children, you can see that this is what we all do at the start of our lives. We live in our own little worlds, and we are the centre of those worlds. What’s happening ‘out there’ is only of consequence in as much as it has a specific impact on us.

As teenagers we become aware of the wider world, our strengths and weaknesses. As a result we have to learn confidence. If this process does not happen well, then our anxieties build, we lack self-confidence and we fall back on our survival mode – the Limbic system. The potential for obsession to become a coping mechanism increases.

With hypnosis we can learn confidence, reduce anxieties and change patterns of thoughts and behaviours to change those negative obsessions and take back control of ourselves and our lives.