Words from some of my clients

Client A

“Having suffered from debilitating migraines for over thirty years that even prescription medication couldn’t stop. After one particularly bad migraine where it affected my left side, leading me to have tests for a stroke I realised I had to try something else.

A friend suggested I saw Trevor and I haven’t looked back. From having at least one migraine a week, within six months I was down to none at all and two years later I still haven’t had one. I would highly recommend seeing Trevor, he’s a life changer and a lovely person with it.”

Client B

“I would highly recommend Trevor after I visited him to beat a gambling addiction, but I also wanted to overcome a few things like flying and spiders as well.

On my first visit to Trevor he explained in a very professional way what he does and that by tackling my addiction through hypnosis could also cure my other fears. I went with his advice and started hypnosis on my addiction first, after a few sessions I could already see a change in my mentality to gamble.

After 8 sessions with Trevor not only do I not gamble any more I am also planning my first holiday abroad. This is thanks to Trevor and the hypnosis he does, something that I would never have believed in and wouldn’t have tried if I had not been told about him. It is a life changing experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

After talking with friends about my experience they are already considering visiting Trevor for hypnosis. If you think that overcoming something is impossible like I did then you need to see him.”

Client C

“I have been suffering from horrendous sciatica for a year without any respite, dispite having had regular physiotherapy, a steroid injection in my spine and seeing a chiropractor. Now after seeing you, my pain level has gone down from about an eight to sometimes a one or two, but most of the time no sciatica at all. The pain controlling exercises you gave me are easy to do and very affective.  I can’t thank you enough. I can now get on with my life, planning all I want to do without worrying how I was going to cope with it.”

Client D

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” Trevor has enabled our teenage daughter to think in the most incredibly positive manner whilst experiencing a life changing situation. Giving her life skills which she can adapt for many situations. Skills which will last her a lifetime.”

Client E

“I had weekly hypnotherapy with Trevor during a difficult period in my late-30s. I was struggling with life, weighed down by the previously unchartered baggage of a traumatic childhood.

Trevor has a very unique approach to therapy, in that it doesn't feel like therapy. It felt like meeting a friend for a chat, at the end of which I had gladly exposed current, long-hidden and previously unknown issues that were holding me back in my life. Hypnotherapy untangled the knots delicately, enabling me to make permanent changes to how I live my life.”

Client F

“When I first started driving, I was lacking in confidence and I was anxious before each lesson, until I had some therapy with Trevor. After several sessions I began to have confidence to drive and eventually passed my test.”


Photograph by Oliver Sjöström



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