I can provide references on request as to the success of using hypnotherapy within organisations on request. I can run a series of courses as group sessions, tailored to your organisation’s needs or provide one to one sessions for individual employees. The sessions can be held in your offices or off site if confidentiality needs to be considered.

Why use a hypnotherapist within your organisation?

There are so many benefits, not only can you reduce the cost and risk of:

  • The amount of sick leave taken annually by looking after the well-being of your staff
  • Anxiety, stress and depression at work
  • Staff turnover and the cost of temporary staff and recruitment
  • The risk of potential legal liabilities arising by offering your staff support
  • Conflict at work between staff

But you can also improve performance and productivity by helping your staff to

  • Be focused, better able to concentrate and improve memory
  • Be motivated, calm and in control
  • Improve team work
  • Create a stimulating and productive work environment

A motivated and happy team are committed, creatively excellent and high performers. This can be achieved through showing them they are valued through training, good communication, goal congruence, job enjoyment and a sense of self-importance.

Happiness in the workplace can reduce the amount of sick leave taken and increases productive time through better staff co-operation. This in turn improves output in real terms through employee commitment and drive.

Despite good rewards for service, staff can arrive at work with their own personal stresses, anxieties and depressions. Then working with a mix of other people all suffering from similar issues and differing backgrounds, social and cultural mixes, can lead to conflict and negativity.

Hypnotherapy can reverse this downward cycle by changing personal and professional attitudes, helping people accept others for who they are, improving how each individual reacts rather than each individual trying to change the other.

Management studies have identified that positive decisions are better for problem solving and creative environments, negative emotions can be beneficial when planning and for critical risk analysis. Group or individual sessions will help your organisation achieve better positive team ratios which are more active and constructive.

Hypnosis can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression within individuals and within groups, helping your staff to work from their intellectual brain, being more problem solving, calmer, in control. By visualising what you want to do, combined with the practical reality, greater benefits will result.

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