What is it and how can hypnotherapy help?

Most people go through traumatic experiences at some stage in their life. It’s normal to feel frightened, sad, anxious, and disconnected. For most people the upset fades after a short period of time and you can start to enjoy life again.

When you find that you can’t move on and you feel stuck with painful memories that don’t fade and a constant sense of danger, or you are having trouble getting back to your regular life, reconnecting to others and feeling safe again, you may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It can seem like you’ll never get over what happened or feel normal again, in fact you may start to feel worse. The symptoms develop differently from person to person, most commonly in the hours or days following the traumatic event. Sometimes it can take weeks, months, or even years before they appear.

Typically, you may re-experience the traumatic event, avoid reminders of the trauma or have increased anxiety and emotional arousal. The many symptoms include feelings of grief, shame, guilt and anger, flashbacks and nightmares of the event, sleeping problems, depression, being on red alert all the time, substance abuse, panic attacks and physical pains.

PTSD can affect anyone who personally experiences, witnesses or picks up the pieces of a catastrophe, including emergency workers and law enforcement officers. It can even occur in the friends or family members of those who went through the actual trauma.

Hypnotherapy can prevent or reduce disassociation from friends and family, unlock the ‘stored’ emotion and relinquish the outdated, limiting beliefs. Using trance to process memories and by reducing stress hormones in the brain the trauma can be made “notational” so you can cope effectively, helping to reduce flashbacks and nightmares.

When the brain is producing good amounts of serotonin, it boosts your moods and helps alleviate the symptoms associated with PTSD, getting your life back on track. You will be able to think about the memories without becoming distressed or feeling like you're under threat. Restore your family life, be calm, confident and in control.

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