What is it and how can hypnotherapy help?

In all areas of life, be it sports, business and careers, the most successful people are often the most motivated.  We can develop self-motivation by setting achievable and realistic goals or having a clear vision.

A vision is so powerful that it opens up possibilities and opportunities which are so powerful that we are motivated to do things even when we sometimes don’t feel like it.

If you feel you need to constantly find ways to motivate yourself then it's likely your goals are not well enough defined.  A goal of becoming more motivated is not good enough.
If you have a goal of achieving something specific in your life then the motivation will probably take care of itself.  It is essentially the end product of a suitably focused mind.

Hypnotherapy has helped many people to overcome procrastination and mental blocks and to develop strong self-motivation skills.  It helps on a very deep level by helping you to redefine the way you think about yourself and what you can achieve.

Once you have worked with the therapist to establish new patterns and behaviours, self-hypnosis will then become your way of taking control for your own success.

How hypnosis can help with motivation:

Concentration, Exam Focus and Preparation

Learn to focus on study and exams in the way that the naturally successful students seem to.  Set study goals and become more motivated to achieve them. Start to enjoy the excitement of the learning journey and the exams in a way that improves your powers of recall to your highest benefit.

See what you have done rather than what still needs to be done. Reflect on the questions you can answer rather than the difficult ones. This reduces anxiety and increases recall and clarity.

Weight loss motivation

Imagination is much stronger than will power. So trying to lose weight using your will power by focusing on the loss of weight is much more difficult than using your imagination.

We will work on how to naturally focus on what you want. To eat healthy food, to have more energy, to enjoy life more, in other words the deeper goals.  Using powerful imagery during hypnosis helps you create the motivation to achieve your goals.

Sports motivation

A huge growth area, not just in professional sport but also at the lower competitive levels.  Most sport psychologists use traditional hypnosis techniques in their sports motivation programmes but sometimes don't call it hypnosis.  Many athletes have learned how to beat more gifted competitors by "wanting it more" and thereby deciding to do whatever it takes.

Career motivation

Hypnosis can help you focus on career goals and help you to develop the skills and attitudes you need to get to the top.

Team motivation

Reduce conflict, increase creativity and opportunity so the team can work on congruent goals more productively. Hypnosis is highly effective used in group or teambuilding situations.  It can help to clarify and formulate shared outcomes.  In other words, it can help to create a team vision.


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