What is it and how can hypnotherapy help?

Getting ready for bed, falling asleep peacefully and having seven to nine hours of unbroken rest, we can all wake up feeling refreshed, full of energy and ready for all that faces us during our day ahead.

The amount of sleep you need does include factors such as your age, lifestyle, diet and environment. For instance, as you get older you need less sleep. Lots of people over 70 need less than six hours sleep a night, and they tend to be lighter sleepers.

Nearly everyone has problems sleeping at some point in their life. The causes vary from a disruptive sleeping environment to an underlying physical condition or mental health problem.

When we are stressed or anxious we may have problems getting to sleep, our brains being “too busy” to relax or it may be that we wake during the night feeling uptight and then cannot easily get back to sleep.

In cases of depression we often sleep too much, using too much REM time, which uses energy. We struggle to wake each day and feel exhausted, wanting to sleep to recharge our batteries.

Hypnotherapy can help reduce the anxiety and/or depression causing sleeping problems. It will help to restore normal sleep patterns, improve quality of sleep and can also help change bad sleeping habits, supporting good ones instead.

Once you are sleeping well, the body will be able to recharge, the brain will calmly sort out its own issues and be solution focused. This will help you wake feeling refreshed, positive, in control and able to cope. Make sure you live your life to your fullest potential.


Ready to be happy and cope with life?