How can hypnotherapy help?

What do you want to achieve from performance enhancement, to “cheat” without taking drugs, improved performance to get better results, do better in exams or advance your career?

We would all like to set our aims knowing they are achievable, be able to work alone or in a team, without fear, achieving goals and exceeding individual abilities through group synergy

People who play a sport know the importance of keeping their body in great physical shape. The body performs best when it is healthy and fit, so professional athletes devote huge quantities of their time to maintaining and strengthening their physical prowess.

The mind benefits from training too, whether the activity is physical, emotional, intellectual or mental. Making sure one practises the right mindset is proving to help professionals excel in their field.

What can you achieve?

It is more than just the motivation, it can improve the actual skills and tricks of a particular activity and help an individual develop the right mindset.

It also creates self-confidence in other areas of life. Suddenly winning won’t seem like something that happens to “just about everyone else.”

It reduces mental, emotional and physical fatigue and increases your inner drive to succeed and finish the activity, whether it be creative, business, a marathon or a quick workout.

It achieves these improvements through:

  • Improved confidence
  • Clarity of thought and focus
  • Reduced distractions
  • By motivating every practice and performance
  • Developing better teamwork
  • Changing stress to excitement rather than anxiety
  • Ensuring clear communication – internal and external through body language and tone of voice

All of the above result in improved performance, effectiveness and efficiency resulting in better decision making and results.

Control through a relaxed mind, gives you more time, self-control and determination.

We can all imagine ourselves on the sports field, playing the saxophone or writing that exam exactly as we would like. This positive imagery is exactly how the top performers achieve those extra degrees of performance.

Pre-performance nerves, when out of control, raises your adrenaline levels without enhancing performance. Performance delivery can take a turn for the worse following the smallest of incidents. The change in fortune is often spotted by audience, spectators and judges whose perspective can more easily identify the psychological balance of power.

Most professionals will at some stage experience periods of low confidence, slumps and mental blocks. Competition nerves, negativity and low confidence all affect performance.

Returning from inactivity for whatever reason can also be difficult, the mental or physical activity needed can challenge even the strongest people as well as the need to restore the ability to maintain focus and control for lengthy periods.

Preparation in practice and working hard towards your activity is critical. This should include preparation of the mind and body. Scientific evidence of best learning methods support on the field practice followed by watching a video, reading a book and/or lessons fixing the perfect image, mirroring the exact actions required, no matter what the sport.

Hypnosis is highly effective when used to augment other psychological interventions for anxiety, motivation, mental blocks and competition preparation, building confidence, overcoming poor past performances and visualising new or complicated techniques.

With hypnotherapy, the mind can imagine all scenarios, playing through opposition strengths, how to counter them, remain focused through the tough periods and improve motivation for training and competition.

Mental toughness, concentration and intensity improves your focus and determination, giving you the edge over a less well balanced and prepared opponent, even when they may be the crowd favourite. David versus Goliath.


Ready to be happy and cope with life?