What is it and how can hypnotherapy help?

Waking each day, feeling refreshed, motivated and positive is normal after a good night’s sleep and all the natural chemicals, hormones and impulses in your brain are functioning at their best. We all strive to maintain this balance during our lives.

You are reading this because either you yourself or someone you know is suffering from depression. When it goes wrong, all we can see is darkness. Depression is common, as is not admitting to it. There seems to be a stigma attached to suffering from depression. Great leaders such as Winston Churchill have suffered depression.

Whatever our circumstances, it is incredibly difficult to climb out of the hole without some sort of help. Many friends and family will not understand why and point out how lucky we may be, but we know this and simply cannot see a positive future.

Modern research supports depression being the result of our negative thought processes towards events, rather than individual traumatic events which can trigger depression. Our primitive coping response from the subconscious mind is not to interact with the world but to withdraw into ourselves.

This is a result of the body not producing any chemicals or hormones in the brain which normally control our moods, motivation, sense of purpose and happiness. To counter this, chemicals are often prescribed in the form of drugs, to help us restore the brain responses.

If you are on prescribed medication, we will work as a supplementary therapy to your doctor. If the medication simulates the production of chemicals such as serotonin, it is important to continue as advised, until the actual cause of the depression has improved to the point where your doctor recommends any change in medication.

Hypnotherapy can help to lower your anxiety levels and lift your mood. By changing the way you think, breaking the negative cycles and replacing them with positive patterns, you can break the cycle of depression and get focused on the present, regain control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours enabling you to engage fully again in life.


Ready to be happy and cope with life?