How can hypnotherapy help?

A natural, pain and drug free birth is something that every parent, mother and baby desires. If a mother is calm and relaxed during the birth, one of the most important days in our lives can be a happy memory.

We are all indoctrinated with the knowledge that childbirth is painful and mothers have to "bear it" or resort to drugs. Drugs may certainly have a part to play in childbirth, they are by no means the only method of pain reduction available.

Approaching the birth with a sense of dread and anxiety can lead to physiological changes in the body which impede the natural progress of labour.

Self-hypnosis helps a mother control her labour and her own body, drug-free, to allow the mother to give birth in a gentle, natural and relaxed way.

It is a natural and safe method, simple to use.  Being calm lowers blood pressure, reduces pain and often results in a shortening of the labour. This in turn helps increase birth satisfaction with your babies being calmer.

By being taught how to enter into self-hypnosis instantly, and create your own natural anaesthesia whenever and wherever you need it, you will have control over your body, and be able to be an active participant in your child’s birth process, trusting in your body's natural ability to give birth with ease and comfort.


Ready to be happy and cope with life?