The Initial Consultation

You tell me what you want to achieve and improve, what problems or issues you would like to overcome. We will discuss how the therapy can help you and agree your objectives and the process to achieve your aims. This session is £60, with no obligation to continue unless you are confident you will benefit.

At the end of the consultation you will receive a relaxation CD to listen to daily.

You can download it direct from this website by clicking on the free hypnosis soundfile link or you can download it now from soundcloud at to start the change process. If you feel we can work together we will book you in for future sessions.

Subsequent Appointments

These will be charged at £60 per hour session. If I travel to you, an additional fee will be charged for travel time.

How many sessions will I need?

Sessions are usually held weekly and the number you require will depend on the nature of your situation and your own level of motivation.  This is brief therapy so benefits will start immediately and will not go on for years.

Smoking is one session and last 1½ to 2 hours which costs £120.

Phobias are four sessions at £60 each.

Seminars and Lectures

Quotes will be submitted on request.